Fiduciary Services

  • Trustee
  • Executor
  • Administrator
  • Conservator
  • Asset Management

At the Zwiefel Law firm we provide a full complement of Private Fiduciary services such as: Executor, Administrator, Conservator or Trustee with emphasis on Special Needs Trusts, and Trusts for Disabled Beneficiaries.

Our experienced staff manages the Trust's assets, coordinates and makes distributions of the Trust assets in a sound and careful manner. We also provide comprehensive reporting and accounting of the Trust assets and a detailed history of our management. All trust assets are managed and disbursed according to the guidelines the client specifies in the trust document.

Service as fiduciary calls upon not only our technical skills but the sound judgment we have acquired through years of experience. We understand that those who are disabled or elderly deserve special care in the management and processing of their assets.

We achieve success by acting as a neutral and independent third party, we protect and provide for the beneficiary, oftentimes against competing interests of other family members.

Getting Started:

  1. Because of the complex nature of these cases, please call our firm for an initial consultation.
  2. Meet with the attorney to review the information and discuss your specific needs.
  3. Fees are generally charged on a percentage basis according to the value of the account.