Estate and Trust Litigation

  • Will Contest
  • Removal
  • Interpretation
  • Breach of Trust
  • Claim Disputes

Unfortunately families have disputes. In today’s complicated family structures, meeting every family member’s needs can be complicated at best. There are many interests involved and devising a plan that works for all is often not achieved.

At the Zweifel Law Firm we have successfully handled will contests, setting aside and defending a will, disputes over who should serve as trustee or executor. We facilitate disputes over documents, proper administration of trusts or estates, and proper investments by the trust.

The firm has experience in actions against executors, trustees or conservators for mismanaging estates or defending them against charges of mismanagement. We take pride in our ability to protect estates from claims of creditors or filing suits to collect on behalf of estates.

We achieve success when our clients rightful interest in the estate or trust are protected and they gain control over the assets to which they are entitled.

Getting Started:

  1. Contact our firm for an initial consultation.
  2. Complete the conflict of interest process to assure that there are no conflicts.
  3. The firm will make a determination regarding acceptance of your case.
  4. Meet with the attorney to review the information and discuss your specific needs.
  5. Payment is done either on an hourly basis with a retainer required OR a contingency fee. The client is responsible for all court fees.