About Zweifel Law Firm

Gary D. Zweifel, who has been practicing in Atlanta for over 30 years,
founded The Zweifel Law Firm. Mr. Zweifel has been prominent in the estate planning community in Georgia, serving as President of the Fiduciary Law Section of the State Bar of Georgia.

The Zweifel Law Firm offers a full range of services in the Estate Planning and the Estate Administration area of law and has a nationally recognized specialty in Guardianship Law. Over the last 15 years the firm has also taken on more litigation in the Probate Courts on estate and trust issues.
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Gary D. Zweifel was the Public Guardian and Administrator for Fulton County, Georgia for 13 years and from that he gained valuable experience serving as a Conservator, Executor, Administrator, and Trustee. 1990, Mr. Zweifel form Private Fiduciary Services (PFS) as a management company, under the Zweifel Law Firm umbrella, to handle fiduciary appointments. Today, PFS manages over Thirty Million Dollars in assets and has over 75 clients. It particularly has a specialty in managing Special Needs Trust, serving as Conservator and for administering trusts for disabled beneficiaries.

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